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Stock Image. New Quantity Available: 5. Seller Rating:. Building Vocabulary for College Smith, R. Published by Cengage Learning. New Quantity Available: 1. Building Vocabulary for College Paperback R. New Paperback Quantity Available: Book Depository hard to find London, United Kingdom. Published by Wadsworth Publishing New Paperback Quantity Available: 1.

Published by Wadsworth Pub Co Revaluation Books Exeter, United Kingdom. New Softcover Quantity Available: 1. BookVistas New Delhi, India. Published by Cengage Learning New Paperback Quantity Available: 5. Published by Cengage Learning 0. Of course, the degree of interest varies. Such obsessed worshipers seem compelled to learn every scrap of information they can about their favorite celebrity, devouring magazines, newspapers, blogs, and impeccable sources.

Unfortunately, there are also a few mentally unbalanced individuals who identify so strongly with their idol that they become stalkers. The man soon moved back to the Midwest, much to the relief of the actress. Celebrity worship, then, like most things in life, is fine if not taken to the extreme—and if the celebrities are actually worthy role models.

Building Vocabulary for College

Gordon threw his arms up in the air and laughingly complained that his grand plan for redecorating his apartment was quickly turning into a debacle. He said the wallpaper started coming off after he painted over it, and the carpet store had sent over a ghastly purple rug instead of the pale blue one he had ordered. Unfortunately, when my dad lost his job, we endured one deprivation after another, including the loss of our home, car, and medical insurance. My tennis opponent told me he was just an average player, a specious statement because I knew he had been among the top finishers in several tournaments in our area.

The opposite of sagacious is a. The opposite of specious is a. The opposite of viable is a. A meticulous person is a. A garrulous person is certainly not a. Deprivation suggests a. If the person talking to you was being redundant, you would probably feel a. Another interesting discovery that has remained more or less constant the past several years is that slightly over half of those about to graduate from college indicate they will be moving back home to live with their parents.

In his case, he had moved back home so he could more quickly pay off his college debts. He also said that three of his classmates had moved back home because they had not been successful so far in finding jobs. However, others do mention that some people move back home to prepare for their marriages while others do so because of divorce.

As a catharsis for her anger and disappointment, Julia took a long, brisk walk. A dearth of hometown fans at the important game was a disappointment to the coaches, players, and cheerleaders as many of the bleachers were empty. The large, luxurious homes and spacious, well-tended lawns made it obvious that people of considerable affluence lived in this area. Kennedy is an enigma that will probably never be solved. Jarret often goes home on the weekends because he thinks most of the campus activities going on then are juvenile and banal.

A rebellious group of leaders made a clandestine plan to overthrow the government. The opposite of banal is a. The opposite of guile is a. The opposite of affluence is a. Lethargy suggests a. Enigma is most closely associated with a n a. If people do something in a clandestine manner, then they do it a.

Catharsis is most closely associated with a. Edward — died from diphtheria at age four in Springfield, Illinois; William — died from typhoid fever at eleven in Washington, D. Robert Lincoln was born in Springfield, Illinois, in He graduated from Harvard University in , ranking thirty-second in that class of ninety-nine graduates. He then attended Harvard Law School for a time. He had been present when General Lee had surrendered to General Grant at Appomattox, Virginia, a week earlier, and he told his family the details relating to this momentous event.

In the process, he showed his father a photograph of General Lee. That evening, President and Mrs. In addition, Booth, emotionally unstable throughout his twenty-six-year-old life, had developed a pathological hatred of Lincoln, viewing him as a ruthless dictator. By killing President Lincoln and members of his Cabinet, the latter of which Booth had assigned to his co-conspirators, Booth apparently thought he would put the federal government in such disarray that the South might have a chance to resume and win the war.

Robert took law courses at the University of Chicago, and he was admitted to the bar in The following year, Robert married Mary Eunice Harlan. In President James Garfield appointed Robert secretary of war what we now call secretary of defense , and he served in this capacity until Ironically, as well as tragically, President Garfield became the second president to be assassinated. He later served as the United States minister to England and as president of the Pullman Company in Chicago, which made sleeper cars for the railroad.

He died at his summer home in Manchester, Vermont, in , just days short of his eighty-third birthday. However, his coarse language almost caused the paint to blister and come off by itself. The cross-country course is at least five miles long, according to Bruno. I enjoy my chemistry course, but I find it difficult and time-consuming. The newlyweds bought the insurance policy after Mr. Downey presented them with a number of cogent reasons for doing so. Migrant workers should never have to endure sordid working conditions, such as being housed in abandoned railroad boxcars. When the principal attempted to usurp authority rightfully belonging to the superintendent of schools, he was warned and his salary was temporarily decreased.

Farmers living near the swollen river feared the raging water would inundate their recently planted fields. An elderly neighbor of mine talks only about his garden and baseball, but despite his parochial interests, I enjoy talking with him. The opposite of acquiesce is to a. The opposite of cogent is c a. The opposite of perfunctory is a. We are most likely to rationalize our a. The person most likely to usurp authority is a n a.

A person with eclectic musical interests would probably a. On the other hand, a person with parochial musical interests would probably a. Elizabeth Blackwell — was the first woman to earn a medical degree in the United States. She was born in England, but she and her family moved to the United States when she was eleven. Unfortunately, Mr. To support themselves, Elizabeth, her sisters Anna and Marian, and their mother opened a private school.

During the next few years, Elizabeth taught in Cincinnati as well as in communities in Kentucky and North and South Carolina. The students, apparently believing the matter was a joke, acquiesced to her admission request. After Elizabeth arrived at the college and started to attend classes, many students shunned her and some professors openly resented her, even to the extent of prohibiting her from attending certain classroom medical demonstrations, deeming them inappropriate for a woman.

Over time, however, students and professors came to admire her for her abilities and persistence. In , Elizabeth graduated first in her class, becoming the first woman to graduate from medical school in the United States. Her sister Emily, who had also become a doctor, and Dr. Marie Zakrzewsha, an immigrant from Poland, joined her medical staff. Sanitary Commission; and, with her sister, opened a medical college for women that existed for thirty-one years. She died in at the age of eighty-nine.

Medical historians agree that Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell deserves much of the credit for the fact that today nearly 30 percent of all doctors in the United States are women and that this percentage will probably grow significantly within the next few years.

Building Vocabulary for College - AbeBooks - R. Kent Smith:

F dystrophy 1. Some players dance and sashay in the end zone after scoring a touchdown, while others jump wildly up and down while poundDeleterious ing their chest after making a tackle. These classless players act as if they had just won World War II all by themselves. Their attentionseeking and childish behavior is a major turn-off to many longtime fans of the game. Yes, every season professional football teams draw thousands of fans to their stadiums, and millions more watch the games on television. She thinks she can get away with anything. I use this adjective to describe the Middle Ages.

Good old Chris will believe anything. Is your aunt actually one hundred years old? Learning the definitions of these terms is unquestionably an asset as they often hold the key to understanding the fundamental concepts presented in college courses. The academic terms and definitions featured in the twelve chapters of Part Two are similar to those you would find in the glossaries of textbooks. The prefixes, suffixes, and roots you studied in Part One have been underlined so you can use your knowledge about them to deepen your understanding of the academic terms. These subjects can provide excellent opportunities to gain valuable insights into life.

The following terms are commonly used in both literature and composition, so knowledge of them will be beneficial to you. To present information in an original and colorful manner, writers often use figures of speech, such as metaphors, personification, and similes see below. See simile below. Novels and short stories are almost always written in prose.

Related Meanings: Set 1 If the words opposite each other are similar in meaning, write Yes in the space; if they are unrelated, write No. Answers will vary. You must give credit to the author of the words you are using; otherwise, you will be guilty of plagiarism. A flashback in the movie showed the old man as a college student. Our literature class is using an anthology containing short stories, poems, and plays. Related Meanings: Set 2 If the words opposite each other are similar in meaning, write Yes in the space; if they are unrelated, write No.

Denotation and connotation are also important contributors to writing. To illustrate to yourself how words have both denotative and connotative meanings, write down the dictionary meaning of rat, and then list what meanings you associate with this word. B After reading the selection, fill in each space with one of the terms listed below.

One of the bolts on the swing set was loose, so I tightened it. Valerie, did you lose your Spanish book? The terms presented in this and the following lesson are among those frequently used in introductory oral communication courses. In addition, a review of the literature and composition terms preceding these lessons is advisable as many of these words are also used in oral communication courses.

Often, venue refers not only to the place where communication takes place, but also to the specific occasion and purpose of the communication. Context includes the physical, social, and psychological conditions existing when communication takes place. Encoding includes all the mental processes involved in converting ideas, feelings, opinions, and so forth into messages.

Decoding includes all the mental processes involved in converting messages into meaning. Humor can often serve as a catalyst for enriching communication. The basic factors relating to speaking voice include volume loudness, softness , pitch highness, lowness , inflections variations of pitch , tempo speaking rate , tone attitude toward a subject, such as humorous or serious , diction choice and use of words , and pronunciation. A verb is in the passive voice when it acts upon the subject: The car was washed by Karen.

Generally, it is best to use the active voice for both writing and speaking because it produces more direct, powerful, and interesting communication than the passive voice does. Though always a challenge, impromptu speaking can be effective and rewarding if the speaker focuses upon one or two main ideas and then provides specific examples for clarification or support. Examples of transitions often used by speakers include these: to add information—and, also, in addition, furthermore, moreover, besides; to compare—similarly, likewise, by the same token, in the same vein; to contrast—but, on the other hand, yet, however, although, in contrast, on the contrary, nevertheless; to relate time—then, when, afterward, meanwhile, during, thereafter; to clarify—for example, for instance, specifically; to emphasize—more important, to be sure, indeed, as long as, provided that, unless; to show cause and effect—as a result, because, therefore, thus, then, since, hence; to summarize—therefore, in summary, consequently, as a result.

Communication is influenced by kinesics, or body movements, which include gestures, posture, facial expressions, and eye behavior. To communicate effectively, speakers must establish rapport with their audience; humor is often used for this purpose. To avoid stereotyping, insensitivity, and unfairness, speakers should use nonsexist language.

For example, speakers should say police officers, not policemen or policewomen; mail carriers, not mailmen or mailwomen; sales representatives, not salesmen or salesladies; humankind, not mankind. It is appropriate for speakers to be objective when they state the facts involved in an experience, event, or outcome; on the other hand, it is appropriate for speakers to be subjective when they remark about their reactions regarding the experience, event, or outcome. The speaker gave a critique of the student support programs currently existing on campus.

For the most part, she was complimentary of the programs and the people responsible for them; however, she felt the financial aid office was significantly understaffed. Induction is the drawing of a conclusion after gathering appropriate information. Induction—The speaker also said the data he has collected during the past eight semesters reveal that students who study at the same time and at the same place usually achieve higher grades than students who study at various times and at various places; therefore, he has concluded that studying at a specific time and at a specific place is another principle college students would be wise to follow.

Another initial consideration is whether the purpose of your speech is to inform, entertain, persuade, inspire, or motivate. Keep in mind your audience: Will they be people who are familiar or unfamiliar with your topic? What will be the age range of most of them? Research the topic of your speech to make sure your information is up-to-date, although you certainly can use a personal story or two, especially if it helps to make abstract or confusing information clearer. Psychology has been found to be an appropriate college major for not only students planning a career in this field, but also for students planning careers in law, business, social work, teaching, and other professions as well.

Mastery of the psychological terms included in this chapter can contribute to your basic understanding of this intriguing subject. The researcher is attempting to discover the effects of the variable on the subjects. The people in the experimental and control groups are of the same age and state of health and follow the same diet and physical routine. However, those in the experimental group are receiving a daily vitamin D pill to see if this vitamin can help to reduce their bone loss as they age.

Those in the control group, rather than receiving a vitamin D pill, are being given a placebo see 4. The experimental and the control groups are unaware which of them is receiving the real variable and which one is receiving the fake one, that is, the placebo. In 2, vitamin D was the variable. The empirical facts were recorded so that the experiment could be evaluated. The hypothesis that poliomyelitis was caused by a virus proved to be true when the virus was identified in the s.

An introvert can become so obsessed with himself or herself that he or she has little social interaction with others. Latoya is an extrovert, so she felt right at home mingling with all the guests. Intrinsic 5. The ego is the conscious part of the personality and is responsible for logical thinking. The id is the instinctive part of the personality, including the sexual and aggressive instincts, that seeks immediate gratification. Freud maintained that the id is the first system to develop within a person because it is most closely related to the biological realm.

The superego is the moralistic part of the personality, including beliefs about what conduct is right or wrong. The ego has to resolve the conflicting demands of the id, superego, and external reality. The superego, or conscience, is largely a product of parental and societal influences. Sigmund Freud developed psychoanalysis, a method that encourages the patient to use free association, that is, to discuss anything that comes to mind, in the hope that hidden emotional conflicts will be uncovered.

Repression selective forgetting and rationalization excuse making are common defense mechanisms. Sigmund Freud introduced the practice of psychoanalysis to help patients understand their hidden desires and emotions. Kara says that playing her clarinet has a therapeutic effect on her when she is emotionally upset. A neurosis is not due to a physical or mental disease, and the sufferer does not lose contact with reality.

A neurosis is not as severe a disorder as a psychosis see below. Claustrophobia is a common neurosis in which a person becomes extremely anxious in enclosed places, such as in an elevator or in a small room without windows. A person suffering from a psychosis is considered insane. Psychosomatic is the term often used to reflect the influence the mind can have on the body. For example, a patient may have severe headaches because of stress psychosomatic related , not because of some physical problem.

Oedipus comes from Greek mythology in which a son unwittingly kills his father and marries his mother.

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The Oedipus complex, a theory developed by Freud to explain conflicts between a child and his or her parent of the opposite sex, is not subscribed to by all psychologists. The goal of behavior therapy is to help the patient modify and gain control over unwanted behavior. Gradually exposing the individual to situations he or she finds difficult to experience is a technique often used in this therapy. Lown used behavior therapy to help her patient overcome his fear of elevators. The first week, she had her patient travel to the second floor and then back on an elevator; she gradually increased the number of floors the patient traveled until his anxiety regarding elevators was overcome.

Many therapists use a combination of cognitive-behavior therapies in working with their patients. After being counseled for several months in cognitive therapy techniques, my friend is confident he can now cope with his public speaking fears. Intrinsic 9. Oedipus complex therapeutic superego behavior therapy psychosomatic Oedipus complex 7. People from all walks of life, including athletes, singers, actors, broadcasters, ministers, teachers, doctors, and many others, have been the victims of panic attacks.

All of the causes of panic attacks have not been identified, but stress and emotional problems are generally thought to be major ones.

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Panic attacks are one of the most common psychological problems in our society, as figures indicate that one out of every twenty people experiences a panic attack sometime in his or her life. Such people frequently rearrange major parts of their lives in an effort to avoid having a panic attack. The governor said the budget would take further study before a final decision could be reached. Sociology includes many subfields, such as gerontology, social psychology, and religious and educational sociology, among many others.

Mastery of the terms in this lesson and the following lesson can give you insight into this interesting and valuable social science. The United States has moved from a predominantly agrarian to an urban society. Eating three meals a day is part of our culture. A study of demography reveals that one of the highest birthrates in the United States occurred in the late s. Marrying a close relative is opposed by the mores of most societies. As a child becomes older, his or her peer group has more influence. Jack, my oldest sibling, is studying law at a university in New Jersey.

Laws are serious and formal social norms. The stereotype of the cowboy of the Old West is that of a fearless, rugged, independent man. Some of the benefits of urbanism include access to outstanding museums, theaters, and restaurants. The Duncans did not let the irritating bureaucracy discourage them from attempting to adopt a child. Immigrants from Germany were an ethnic group that helped to settle Cincinnati, Ohio.

When people are initially exposed to a different culture, they may fall victim to ethnocentrism, a feeling that the new culture is inferior to the one to which they are accustomed. One of the folkways in our society is that a person should dress at least fairly formally when attending church, but it is not considered a serious offense if someone shows up wearing jeans.

The Malthusian theory was one of the first theories to predict that world hunger would result if population growth got out of control. Because my father was frequently absent on business trips, ours was a matriarchal family; mother was dominant and made the major family decisions. Because of the recent disturbances involving young people, the city council has enacted a P. Doctors enjoy a high social status in most communities. Some young people yearn to go to Hollywood because they think this city must be utopia.

As the population continues to grow and life expectancy increases, more sociologists are specializing in gerontology than ever before. Rostelli, a specialist in geriatrics. Malthusian theory , controlled population growth is essential 4. Because his father died when Wallis was only two years old, he was raised in a n matriarchal family. After Peyton received her B.

To have validity, an opinion poll must be a representative sample that accurately mirrors the population under study. Though many people are skeptical of the accuracy of opinion polls, sociologists and others have faith in them if they are based on a representative sample of the group under study, if the polling questions and interviews, if conducted are free of bias and well written, and if the data gathered are analyzed correctly.

In this regard, knowledge of the terms in this and the following two lessons is useful for the study of history and political science. There are currently twenty-six amendments to the Constitution. It is concerned with such important freedoms as religion and speech. Trial by jury is one of the important provisions in the Bill of Rights. After the British government enacted the Stamp Act, colonial merchants decided to boycott English goods, especially tea. Among the checks and balances existing in our government are the following: Congress legislative has the power to remove from office the president and Supreme Court justices; the president executive can refuse to sign bills passed by Congress and has the power to appoint Supreme Court justices when vacancies occur; the Supreme Court judiciary can declare bills approved by Congress and signed into law by the president unconstitutional.

Both presidential candidates stated they favor the laissez-faire doctrine, or government noninterference, when it came to such economic concerns as wages and prices. The lobbyist for the oil company appeared before the committee to argue for the bill that would allow new offshore oil drilling. The president said he would veto the education bill passed by Congress. Bill of Rights 3. The filibuster in the Senate has lasted six hours so far, so the controversial bill has never come to a vote.

Andrew Johnson, who served as president from to after the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, and William Clinton, who served as president from to , are the only presidents to have faced impeachment; both were acquitted by the Senate. The senator, a lame duck as a result of losing the fall election, announced he would be joining a Washington, D.

Congress has approved an appropriation to improve the interstate highway system. Workers who have social security payments deducted from their salaries are eligible for an entitlement when they retire. Patronage can lead to abuses, but it can also lead to benefits if political leaders appoint only well-qualified people to government positions. The referendum indicated overwhelming approval of the proposed dam project. The Democrats accused the Republicans of gerrymandering the boundaries of the metropolitan area to obtain a voting advantage during elections.

An illegal attempt to overthrow the government is called sedition. Gerrymandering 6. Seward, a senator from the state of New York. Seward, born in , had also been a successful lawyer and a popular New York governor. Seward had been an abolitionist person in favor of abolishing slavery for many years. However, to the utter shock of many at the convention, including Seward, Abraham Lincoln of Illinois won the Republican nomination and later the national election that followed in the fall. After the election, Lincoln selected Seward to serve in his Cabinet as secretary of state.

Soon, however, Seward and most of the others came to realize that Lincoln was a remarkable man who was uniquely gifted to lead the nation during the worst crisis it had ever faced. Only the fact that Seward was wearing a heavy neck brace because of a recent accident prevented Powell from landing a fatal blow. Seward died just three months later, and Fanny passed away the following year. Though President Johnson was eventually cleared by the slimmest of margins, his presidency was never free from bitter conflicts between him and Congress.

After Ulysses S. Instead, Seward traveled around the world for fourteen months before returning to his beloved home in Auburn, New York, where he died in William H.

Seward was a hardworking, effective, and faithful servant to his nation during a critical time in its history, and as a result, he is fairly ranked among the best of those who have served our country as secretary of state. The couple raised enough capital to start a restaurant of their own. Savings Bonds. A judge will adjudicate the divorce settlement, including custody of the children.

An officer at the police station used a computer to complete the booking; he typed information about the suspect and the crime with which he was charged. The stockbroker admitted his culpability for the illegal business practices members of his firm had been following.

The grand jury is deliberating whether to indict the driver for vehicular manslaughter. Because it was later established that the defense witness had lied, she was indicted for perjury. Tort law is a branch of civil law as opposed to criminal or contract law concerned with compensating individuals for personal injury, property damage, or other losses.

Consecutive sentencing is when two or more sentences are handed out on the same occasion and the time to be served is to be equal to the sum of the sentences. The defendants, found guilty on all charges, hoped to receive concurrent sentencing; however, they received consecutive sentencing, so they must serve five years in prison for each crime they committed.

Texas officials agreed to extradite the suspect to Florida, where she had escaped from prison. Kidnapping is a felony punishable by death in many states. The protestors were warned they would be charged with a misdemeanor unless they stopped blocking the entrance to the building. The subpoena requires the supervisor to testify in court regarding the safety procedures being followed on the day the accident occurred.

An injunction is a preventive measure to guard against future injuries; it does not provide a remedy for past injuries. An injunction prohibits the former employee from coming within three blocks of the business establishment where he once worked. Jurisprudence is also used as a synonym word having the same meaning for law. Law courses are challenging because the study of jurisprudence encompasses all matters relating to our legal system.

Unfortunately, litigation was necessary to settle our boundary dispute with our once-friendly neighbors. The plaintiff and defendant are known as the litigants, that is, the parties involved in a lawsuit. The litigants in the lawsuit are Mr. Dawson and Mr. Dawson, the plaintiff, says he was never paid in full for building Mr. Burnell, the defendant, contends Mr. Dawson was not paid in full because he had failed to fulfill all the terms of their contract. A appeal subpoena consecutive plaintiff extradite defendant felony litigants extradite 1. B change of venue injunction concurrent jurisprudence misdemeanor litigation habeas corpus misdemeanor 1.

The Gideon v. Wainwright trial is responsible for guaranteeing that every person, even ones unable to pay, is entitled to legal counsel. At his trial, Gideon, who could not afford to hire a lawyer, maintained that it was fundamentally unfair that he had to attempt to defend himself against a trained prosecuting attorney.

The Supreme Court agreed that Gideon was entitled to qualified legal counsel, and although some courts had provided free attorneys prior to the Gideon v. Wainwright ruling, this decision soon led to the creation of public defender programs throughout the country. A public defender has the same rights as any defense lawyer, including that of being booking at the police station. Before and during the trial, the public defender can resubpoenaing of witnesses to provide testimony on behalf of his or her client.

Do you think it is time for us to go? It has been raining for three consecutive days. Nevertheless, Dr. In addition, Dr.

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Writing Your Own Definitions Write either an original sentence or a definition for each of these academic terms that clearly demonstrates your mastery of its meaning. Cognitive Related Meanings If the words opposite each other are similar in meaning, write Yes in the space; if they are unrelated, write No. Oedipus complex 3. Learning the terms included in this chapter will help you grasp the concepts dealt with in business and economics. The balance of trade for the United States in the past four months indicates that more goods were bought from other countries than were sold abroad.

The store owner declared bankruptcy after his liabilities continued to exceed his assets. Depression is used to describe a severe recession. A number of leading economists had predicted a recession during the second half of the year, but business and the employment rate continued to be good. A bear market refers to a falling stock market, that is, when such investments are declining in value.

A bull market refers to a rising market, that is, when such investments are increasing in value. Commodities 4. GNP 3. By carefully managing her portfolio over the years, my aunt was able to retire at age fifty-five. The entrepreneur risked a fortune in establishing her unique business, which is now showing an impressive profit. CEO chief executive officer —noun The person ultimately responsible for all decisions affecting the management of an organization; generally reports to a board of directors.

Robinson, the CEO, has successfully guided the company for the past seven years. Can also mean the businesses that operate under this agreement. After agreeing to the conditions stipulated in the contract, Mr. Sanchez is also raising the necessary capital to secure a second franchise in another part of the city.

The conglomerate includes branches concerned with computers, batteries, and plumbing fixtures. The land I owned near the city limits has shown a remarkable growth in appreciation over the past five years. The company has hired many more women and Hispanics this past decade as a result of its affirmative action program.

Because the corporation had an unfair advantage over its competitors, the court ordered a divestiture of certain of its assets. Typewriters are on the verge of obsolescence because of computers. To protect domestic car makers, the government has placed a tariff on cars imported to this country.

An international oil cartel is responsible for the dramatic rise in gasoline prices. Many countries have an embargo against that nation because of its failure to stop the export of illegal drugs. A portfolio franchise conglomerate obsolescence golden parachute CEO capital divestiture audit 1. CEO 4. B entrepreneur appreciation depreciation affirmative action tariff cartel embargo embargo 1. Having no other alternative, the unfortunate trio had to go out of business.

After the war, Ray, who had learned to play the piano from his mother, became a pianist for a couple of orchestras. After marrying, he went to work for the Lily-Tulip Cup Company for a short time before becoming the musical director at a Chicago radio station. In , Ray Kroc came across a new invention, a machine that could mix five milkshakes at once.

In , Ray went to a San Bernardino, California, drive-in restaurant because he was curious about why its owners, Richard and Maurice McDonald, had bought not one but eight of his multimixers. Mastery of the fundamental math skills—adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing—is necessary to succeed in higherlevel math courses such as algebra, geometry, and calculus. A proper fraction represents part of a whole.

For example, a cake the whole is divided into four parts indicated by the denominator , and three pieces indicated by the numerator have been eaten. In an improper fraction, the numerator is larger than the denominator. A mixed number is a whole number plus a proper fraction; 47 could be changed to a mixed number by dividing the numerator by the denominator, resulting in 44 make a whole, or one, and there are three-fourths left over, making Subtrahend is the number subtracted from the minuend.

Difference is the answer when you have completed the subtraction. Here are the test scores for nine students arranged both ways: 99 97 94 88 85 82 78 76 73 73 76 78 82 85 88 94 97 99 The median is 85, as there are four numbers above 85 and four below 85; the median will be the same whether you arrange the numbers from highest to lowest or lowest to highest. Making computations like the preceding for a set of figures is often helpful in making decisions, gaining insights, and coming to conclusions.

Radius — 7. Squaring or cubing a number is indicated by the exponent above it: 52, 63, etc. But math concepts are the same for people the world over; 2 plus 2 equals 4 is true in all countries. In addition, Arabic numerals 1, 2, 3, etc. Both of these symbols came into general use x in much of Europe by the late s. A major in one or more of the biological sciences is a popular choice for students interested in careers in medicine, wildlife, forestry, the environment, teaching, and careers having to do with various types of animal or plant life.

Knowledge of the terms in this chapter will be a major asset to you when you take a biological science course. Natalie has enjoyed all of her high school science courses, but particularly those having to do with animals and plants, so she is seriously considering biology as her college major. Matthew is majoring in zoology as he hopes to be a veterinarian some day. Since microbiology involves the study of living organisms too small to be seen by the unaided eye, powerful microscopes must be used.

The nursing degree program includes a challenging course in physiology because nurses must understand the functions of the human body. The majority of animal and plant species have between ten and fifty chromosomes. Professor Bailey said that while the effects of a mutation on offspring can sometimes be beneficial, generally a mutation results in harmful abnormalities.

Tynice Duffie May 8, pm. Penny Kidd Aug 3, am. Drew Bowman Jul 12, pm. Susan Jamieson Mar 1, pm. What is she saying? Skip to main content. Identify real-life connections between words and their use e. Distinguish shades of meaning among closely related verbs e. Share social media.

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Lesson Objective: Make high-level conversation part of your classroom's daily routine. Save to My Resources. Remind me Two weeks before One week before One day before. Save without scheduling. Kim make vocabulary a natural part of the classroom? Notice the synonym list and vocabulary cards that provide visual references. How does the students' response to this strategy change over time?

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